Dr. Rima Jabado


Dr Rima Jabado

Scientific adviser for sharks and rays

Rima is a marine conservationist and fisheries scientist with experience spanning the northwest Indian Ocean and more recently West Africa. Her research has focused on investigating shark and ray fisheries and trade. She combines field work with outreach and advocacy to mobilize and provide conservation and policy solutions at the government and community levels. Rima is the Indian Ocean Regional Vice-Chair of the IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group, a member of the IUCN Marine Conservation Committee, and sits on the Advisory Committee for the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Sharks MoU as a representative of the Asia region. She is also founder and lead scientist of the Elasmo Project, a non-profit initiative with a mission to advance research and conservation of ٍElasmobranchs sharks and rays around the world.