Sustaining biodiversity in the Persian Gulf

To save the heat-tolerant biodiversity of the world’s warmest sea

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About QECI

Who are we?
Qeshm Environmental Conservation Institute (QECI) is a non-profit and non-governmental marine conservancy based in Qeshm Island at the Persian Gulf. The mission of QECI is to protect the Persian Gulf’s biodiversity and its habitats through conducting research, developing science-based solutions, education and raising awareness, as well as taking direct actions.

Where do we work?
We work on issues of marine biodiversity and habitats of the Persian Gulf and adjacent waters in the Gulf of Oman.


Science-based solutions

Education and awareness

Direct conservation actions

Species Conservation Priorities

There is no doubt that conservation of the biodiversity of all fauna and flora is equally important! However, based on our expertise and capacity, our activities in QECI are focused, but not limited, on four marine taxa which significantly suffer from anthropogenic activities in the Persian Gulf:

Conservation Projects & Activities