Every year since 2008, Future For Nature Foundation, headquartered in the City of Arnhem, Netherlands, has awarded three young nature conservationists, up to35 years old, for their innovative and effectual work to protect threatened animal and plant species. Until now, 42 talented nature conservationists from 29 nations from all around the globe have been received this award.

This year in 2021, out of more than 470 applicants from more than 100 nations, Mohsen Rezaie-Atagholipour, Founder and General Director of QECI, has been selected as one of the three 2021 FFN Award winners. Mohsen has won this award because of the efforts that he and his team have been taking to safeguard ray and shark populations in the Persian Gulf.

“I could never win this award alone! I believe we could do it all together, all of us in QECI, board members, advisors, volunteers, partners and sponsors, and especially very kind and hospitable local people living along beautiful southern coastline of our country Iran. QECI is, and always will be, all about these people! Now, as a member of the Future For Nature family, a great global family of passionate and ambitious nature conservationists, I have a great opportunity to make a global network for our shark and ray conservation programme. What could be more valuable?! I warmly thank the selection committee for putting their trust on our work”, Says Rezaie-Atagholipour.

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Below watch the video of 2021 FFN Award winners announced by Saba Douglas-Hamilton and Frans Lanting