Children's perspectives on the environment play a significant role in shaping their future attitudes and behaviors toward nature conservation. At QECI, we prioritize engaging with children to raise their awareness about nature. We believe that this crucial objective is best achieved through playing and interactive group activities.

On Thursday and Friday, 15 and 16 February 2024, in collaboration with the Marine Ecosystems and Pollution Office, as well as the Education and Public Participation Office of Hormozgan's Department of Environment, we organized an educational program for children titled "Children and the Sea" on the sidelines of the Food and Handicrafts Festival hosted by The Persian Gulf Charity Institute at the Homa Hotel in Bandar Abbas.

The primary goal of this program was to enhance children's understanding of the significance of marine environments and biodiversity, with a specific focus on endangered marine species in the waters of southern Iran. Children were introduced to these concepts through engaging games like the ocean food chain game, handicraft activities, and painting sessions. They also learned about marine ecosystems and creatures using handmade felt sea creature dolls and a shark frame crafted from recycled materials by our institute's experts. The program included interactive question-and-answer sessions with children, which were met with enthusiasm from both children and their families.