In the closing ceremony of the 4th National Dr. Radmanesh Environment Award on October 5, 2021, the award committee accoladed Qeshm Environmental Conservation Institute (QECI) as one of the winners.

“Although livelihood of about one-third of the world population depends on the oceans, most people know little about magnificent marine ecosystems and their threats. The Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman provide the livelihood of millions of Iranians, especially along the southern coastline. Nonetheless, the nature of these two bodies of water has largely been unknown to the public. Therefore, our main focus in QECI is to raise awareness, especially for the youth generations, about the stunning nature of these two seas.” Mohsen Rezaie-Atagholipour, QECI’s founder and general director, said it as part of his speech at the ceremony. 

Every year, Dr. Radmanesh Environment Award, with the slogan of Save our Life, Our Place, and Our World, acknowledges persons and NGOs working toward safeguarding the nature of Iran. This award has been founded by the Iranian physician, Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Radmanesh, who has been working voluntarily for years toward nature conservation. He has authored several books about nature, of which the most important one is Crimes Against the Environment.